Adoption Tees Valley response to Covid 19

Update 06.05.2020

Additional COVID 19 Support - The Adopter Hub

All Adoption Tees Valley families or any families who have adopted in our region (this includes voluntary agencies) can contact us to get access to The Adoption Hub for a year, a service provided by PACT. This additional service has been brought in to give further support during the current pandemic.

The Hub was developed as a result of listening to adopters and working with them to provide accessible tools to empower adopters to access the support they need. The trained Adopter Peer Supporters are “experts by experience” and able to provide a listening ear through one-to-one live webchat service. Sometimes hearing from someone who has experienced a similar situation to us is all we need to help guide us through.

The universal suite of support tools includes:

  • One-to-one live webchat - online peer support
  • Our specially developed Introduction to Attachment 12 module eLearning course
  • A programme of webinars with topics selected by adopters
  • Resources covering a wide range of subjects

A briefing for stakeholders from Vicky Davidson-Boyd, Service Manager. 

Covid 19 Update 08.04.2020

We are continuing to work to support adoptive families living in the Tees valley area, who have adopted children, or who are in the process of being assessed to adopt, or have a child placed, but not yet adopted.

We have worked closely with Virtual School Heads, and can offer support to think about whether your child is a vulnerable child, and may be better accessing a school place.

We have surveyed adoptive families and are already acting on feedback. If you have adopted through ATV and want to tell us what would help you at this time, please contact the service, to request access to our survey, or talk to a social worker.

We are strengthening our Tier 2 services, to provide more resources to families, to help at this time. We will be communicating the information to our families by newsletter.

We are also in the process of contacting all the families who have requested a service, to discuss your current situation.

Our very valued therapy providers are working closely with us to help support families too.

Please be aware, those families who wish to undertake step parent adoptions will have a delay, due to demand on resources at this time.

If you have adopted through ATV or one of the 5 partner Local Authorities before 2018, and want to join our closed Facebook group, please contact ATV, where we will do some checks, and then add you to our group.



Covid 19 update 23.03.2020

As with the rest of the country we are currently facing unprecedented times at Adoption Tees Valley, due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are doing everything we can to safeguard the health and well-being of our staff, children, adoptive parents, and all people who access services from Adoption Tees Valley. We value everyone’s patience, and support as we make the vital changes necessary to ensure that we can continue to operate a service, while also working to protect individuals, communities and our NHS.

Our services will be delivered via telephone on 01642 526400, conference calling, and e-mail, which can be accessed at info@adoptionteesvalley.org.uk.

If you have any query, or business need to communicate, this e-mail address and the telephone lines will be monitored/available 9.00-5.00 Monday to Friday, until further notice. Staff and managers will be at work, subject to health and wellbeing.

We are aiming to continue to be “open” for enquires from our existing adopters and prospective adopters, and from the wider professionals that we work with. We’d very much encourage you to phone to have a chat about adoption, and to request starting the process, there’s a lot we can do remotely.

We will be doing our best to progress assessment work to enable prospective adopters already in assessment to continue their adoption journey. 

  • We are holding remote panels, which we will be trialling from 25.3.20 to enable approvals and matches to proceed.
  • Individual children’s placements will be discussed with relevant people.
  • For adopters with children now living with you, and requiring adoption support, you may access your social worker via e mail, or telephone, or phone the duty service, on the above number.
  • For adopters and children currently receiving therapeutic support, the provision of this will be as determined by the therapeutic provider. Please contact your provider to find out what plans are in place.
  • For post box correspondence, please note we may not be able to process printed post for the foreseeable future. The most reliable way for post box to be sent will be via e mail, to the info@adoptionteesvalley.org.uk address which is secure.
  • There will be no events in the building until further notice.

We hope that all of our service users, staff and the professionals that we work with are safe and well, and we wish everyone the best of wishes during these difficult times. We think of Adoption Tees Valley as a community hub and we need to protect everyone within it.

We value hugely the work of our colleagues in frontline safeguarding services, who we will be directly supporting; in schools who are supporting vulnerable children; and of course of the NHS staff who are working tirelessly to look after our country.

If you would like to follow us on Facebook, or twitter for up to date news, please search for www.facebook.com/adoptionteesvalley and www.twitter.com/adoptteesvalley