You Can Adopt

Local children need the chance for a life together with their brothers and sisters. Could you adopt siblings?

The latest figures from the Department for Education show that nearly half of the number of children waiting to be adopted are part of a sibling group. It is also a sad fact that children in a sibling group wait 36% longer to be adopted.

In the Teesside area, there is a high need for adopters who will parent siblings together. Current figures show that there are 40 children with a placement order waiting to be adopted in the Tees Valley area and of that 40, 18 are part of a sibling group.

Adoption Tees Valley are supporting a new campaign #YouCanAdopt which aims to encourage potential adopters and
approved adopters to consider adopting brothers and sisters and highlight the benefits of adopting the children together.

A short campaign film which can be viewed below, aims to raise awareness of the advantages of family groups, to challenge prospective adopters’ perceptions, and open their minds to the potential of a bigger, or ‘instant’ family. Featuring three diverse families from across England, who have their own experiences of adopting brothers and sisters, the film combines a fun question and answer game with insightful interview footage that brings family group adoption to life.

If you are thinking about adoption, we can support you in finding out more about whether adopting siblings could be right for you.  While it may seem a big decision, many ordinary families, learn that there are many benefits to adopting siblings together including knowing they have the same family history.

Jade Byrne, an adopter of siblings said “I always wanted two children and I couldn’t see siblings separated. Keeping them together means they’ve always got each other to turn to, the one permanent thing they’ve had in their lives is each other. My advice to anyone thinking about adopting, is if you think you’re prepared enough, you’ve got a strong support network and you’re capable of giving kids a life that they’d never have had otherwise, why not do it? Why not adopt?”

Vicky Davidson Boyd, Service Manager for Adoption Tees Valley said “Sibling relationships can be the longest lasting relationships in our lives and are a huge part of our identity. Keeping siblings together can provide the children with stability and resilience in times of change and uncertainty”

ATV is a friendly and welcoming adoption agency and will be there to support you from the start of your adoption journey and for as long as you may need it.  if you have been thinking about adopting, we would love to have a chat with you. We’ll be holding a sibling focused virtual information on 18th May 2021, find out more here.