Zach and Theo

Zach and Theo* 

We’re currently family finding for two lovely brothers, Zach aged 5 and Theo 4. Both boys are described as happy and healthy but they do need the stability of a permanent, loving home after experiencing a number of moves in their short lives.

Zach is described as a beautiful boy inside and out, with an infectious giggle that would brighten anyone’s day. Zach can struggle with his emotions and is receiving psychological support for this. Zach needs a family who can help him regulate his emotions communicate how he is feeling.

Theo is a kind hearted, loving little boy who loves going to nursery and playing outside on his scooter. Theo’s foster carers have worked with him on some behavioural issues and now say the only behaviours they experience are age appropriate.  

The boys have a strong sibling bond. They love and adore each other and always make sure the other is okay. They have supported each other through each move and encouraged each other to thrive. They are brothers that are proud of each other and deserve a permanent loving home to grow up together.

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*Names have been changed and a stock image used to protect identity.