Adopting our daughter

Mike and Kath*, already had a birth daughter and wanted to expand their family and have a second child.

After several unsuccessful fertility treatments they started to look into adoption. Mike and Kath started their adoption journey and after being approved, they were matched with their daughter within 3 months.

The little girl they were matched with was 1 years old and had some additional health needs. Mike reflects “She’s been through the mill. At the time she had 14 different professionals involved and here we are 18 months later and they’ve all gone, now she’s just this little bouncy girl who has thrived and it’s just lovely to see”

Mike addressed some of the anxieties people may have adopting when they already have children “I think there was an underlying anxiety of can I love somebody else’s child? Am I going to be able to invest the same level of love and affection? And that falls away quite quickly, especially when you meet them.

“For my birth daughter it was almost seamless, there was no question for her that this was her sister, she knows she’s adopted but that love comes into play and she’s her sister and that’s the end of the matter”

“Adoption Tees Valley have been fantastic. The one to one relationships with the social workers have been superb”

*Names have been changed but the account is real.