Support for adopted young people

Being adopted can sometimes be challenging, not everyone understands what adoption is and how it may affect you. We've pulled together some information below on the support we can offer as well as some links to other services that you may find useful.

Young persons guide to adoption support

Click the image below to open our young persons guide.

ATV young people's groups

We hold a monthly social group for adopted young people aged eight or above. This provides a great opportunity for young people to meet others who have been adopted and form new friendships in a safe and supportive environment. To find out more about our young people's groups, call 01642 526400.

Educational support

We understand that school can often be difficult for adopted young people, Leanne is our dedicated Educational Support Worker and can help families and young people to navigate any difficulties you may be having in school, you can read more about our education support offer here.

Links to other service providers: 

Talk to Frank: everything you need to know about substances, their effects and the law.

Relationship advice

DisrespectNobody: advice around healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Health for Teens: information and advice around health including feelings, growing up, lifestyle and relationships. 

YoungMinds: advice and support for young people around mental health.

Online safety

Think U Know: helps young people and parents to understand online risks and what to do to keep safe. 

Net Aware: a partnership between NSPCC and 02 - Net Aware provides a guide to the latest social apps, networks and games. 

Child Criminal Exploitation

Fearless: non-judgmental advice and guidance about crime and criminality including gangs and county lines. A safe place to give information about crime 100% anonymously. 

Child Sexual Exploitation

It’s Not Okay: advice, guidance and support around sexual exploitation.