Educational Support

Adoption Tees Valley is committed to working with adoptive families and schools to support adopted children in their education. School and school transitions can often be hard for adopted children with attachment difficulties. Therefore we can offer support and guidance for families and schools in order to help a child successfully access the school curriculum and better manage their school routine.

Our aim is for all the children to have a positive education, be happy, be able to settle and learn, thrive and reach their potential.

Education Support

Here at Adoption Tees Valley we have our own dedicated Education Lead, Leanne Longstaff.

Leanne is an experienced education professional who has taught in various Primary schools for over fourteen years, therefore she understands both the emotional challenges that children face within schools, as well as the demands on the schools and their staff. Leanne also works closely with the five Virtual Schools in the Tees Valley Area.

 Leanne can help with:

  • Meetings with parents, class teachers or specialist teachers within each unique school setting.
  • Training opportunities for school professionals.
  • Support transitions to schools.
  • To look at how Pupil Premium Plus can be used effectively.
  • Provision of resources and signposting to further support and other services such as the Adoption Support Fund.
  • To ensure children have the right level of support by assisting applications for additional funding, such as Higher needs and E.H.C.P’s.
  • Advising parents when looking at schools for their child to attend.
  • Tailor made provision for the school to be able to further support adopted children such as helping school to devise an individualised curriculum for a specific adopted child.
  • Facilitating a weekly children’s after school group at ATV so children can meet and play with other adopted children.

The aim of this holistic approach is to try to ensure that ATV families receive a ‘wrap around service’ so that their children feel happy and safe going to school, and ultimately achieve within their education setting.

If you would like some more information please email info@adoptionteesvalley.org.uk or alternatively telephone 01642 526400