‘Adoption is a billion times better than I imagined’

Monday 29 May 2023

As Adoption Tees Valley marks its fifth birthday this month, families who have adopted talk to us about their experiences of providing a forever, loving home to children.

‘Adoption is a billion times better than I imagined’

Mum Nichola Skipsey had always dreamed of being a parent but never had the desire to bring a life into the world herself.

It was while scrolling through social media that she saw an advert calling for adopters in the Sunderland area – and inviting single people to apply.

This is where her adoption journey started.

Nichola registered with an agency in the north of the region initially, but then transferred to Adoption Tees Valley. Within weeks, she had been matched with baby Autumn and her life was about to take on a whole new meaning.

Adoption was the chance for her to bring a child from a difficult situation into her life and give them a loving, stable home. 

Nichola was finally able to take Autumn home two weeks before her first birthday.

“Life is just fabulous with Autumn,” said Nichola.

“She is so happy and loved and we are enjoying every day together. When I thought about what life with a child would be like, I thought it would be great, but it is a billion times more than I could have ever imagined. She’s just an amazing little person.”

Nichola said being single or a bit older was not a barrier to adopting. She said the assessment process was naturally in-depth, but she enjoyed it and found it helped to prepare her for bringing a child into her life.

“Once I registered with Adoption Tees Valley, I didn’t wait very long before I was matched with Autumn,” she added.

“I wish I had registered with them from the beginning. They didn’t pressurise me. They understood what I was looking for and supported me in that. Autumn has brought so much love, joy, and fun to my life.”

Nichola’s advice to future adopters:

“Try not to google adoption forums – they can paint a bad picture. Speak to people who have adopted so they can tell you their story and put you at ease, and just trust the process.”


If you'd like to find out more about adoption, contact us at 01642 526 400 or sign up to an information event here