My experience of post adoption support.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

From start to finish, I have enjoyed accessing support from ATV, from the 4-day adoption prep training to the Loud and Clear music group post-adoption offer.

We have accessed the ATV play group since about week three of bringing our daughter home. We were both a bit nervous at first but I had kept in touch with two Mummies from preparation group, so we all went together.

I would sit on the floor with my daughter, play with her and support her to explore. She would always stay close by me but then 6 months later she was playing freely knowing that Mummy is close by, only now having a coffee and networking with other adopters.

I have watched her confidence grow in playgroup it’s been beautiful to watch. She would wander off and come back to “check in” bringing me toys and now she feels secure to explore independently.

All the parents accessing support are all different and all very welcoming and friendly. I feel I have made a lovely friendship group here too as well as my daughter. It’s lovely to know that we will grow up with adoption being normal in our friend's circle.

The staff are so friendly and go above and beyond to engage with parents and interact with the children. The playgroup has developed a lovely community feel. I have made friends with some lovely Mummies whom I socialise with outside of ATV now and enjoyed and needed this during my adoption leave. Having peer support is truly amazing, these women are experiencing the same as me, and it’s lovely to have people to relate to who are so friendly.

We also accessed Future Stars to help strengthen the bond and attachment that me and my daughter had and to identify any area for development. This again was offered and taken up quickly and we enjoyed going each week , the staff were amazing and I have learned so much about my daughter and my parenting style.

Loud and clear, another support offer we’ve accessed, has been just simply wonderful. Sarah and Sammy the ladies that run the sessions are just amazing! Their singing and creativity are so crazy good they are very talented. My daughter loves the girls and will now go and sit next or even on them! That’s a huge step for my daughter as she can be nervous around new people but week on week her love for the girls especially Sarah has grown as much as her confidence. The Mummies and Daddies that attend are so lovely and friendly, it’s nice to chat with them during the snack time break.

My ATV social worker is actually on sick leave but I know that I can ask Yasmin at playgroup for a chat or any other staff member. The Team Manager has kept me up to date with things and answered any questions I have had. The Service manager has also spoken to me as well and this speaks volumes for the service. All the staff are always happy to help.